What do I do with the text I get?

The idea is to put the text block that you get from the site into the signature block of your email. Most email programs have a way to set up a signature block. Put the encrypted text you get from the site into that signature, and anyone you email will see that you're supporting the right to privacy.

Who are we?

We are a couple of American citizens who live in Montana and are concerned about, and indeed frightened by, the appalling abuses by our government in their lack of responsibility to OUR Bill of Rights.

Why are we doing this?

Our hope is to get the message to the NSA that the law abiding people of America who choose to communicate with the world via email have the Constitutional right to be free from illegal search and seizure of our information.

Do we record any information from our users?

The only information we get when you use our service is standard web server log information. We do NOT record the message you type into the encryption box. Your privacy is guaranteed as far as we're concerned. You'll have to talk to the NSA as to whether they grab your email. ;-)


If you have concerns about our service, please contact us to discuss them. We're more than willing to let you know why this is important to us!


If you'd like to find out who we're referring to, here are a few links:
NSA, Look what the NSA is feeding to kids!, White House, Patriot Act

Stop the Spying!